#CoronaCare: Hero stories in the ticker "Would you like to hug": Greek woman now provides foods to the unexpected emergency area

The corona pandemic has completely modified everyday existence in Germany. University, function, buying, leisure - rarely everything proceeds as prior to. Numerous individuals have wonderful suggestions on how to support others. How the new issues can be solved with new tips. Read the most stunning hero tales in the ticker here.

"Would you like to hug": Greek now delivers meals to the crisis area
two.30 p.m .: At the starting there was worry about the many very good food items. What to do with them when the restaurant is not authorized to open? Kalliopi Brandstäter questioned in the emergency space of the Barmbek hospital. The joy amongst medical doctors and nurses was so great that she has now repeated the spontaneous motion.

Kalliopi Brandstäter is owned by the Kalliopea cafe in Barmbek and, like all restaurateurs, the corona crisis entirely hit her: "I felt handed out," states the Greek woman with a huge heart. p95 mask continued to cook, hoping to be marketed out of the house: “But I had geared up significantly way too numerous dishes. And then I came up with the thought of ​​the unexpected emergency space, which is extremely shut. "

So stuffed peppers ("I also believed of the vegetarians"), vine leaves, giros and turkey skewers in a heat container and off we went: "They ended up so content and mentioned 'If we have been allowed to, we would hug like you!'"

The sensation of powerlessness, the cafe boss felt, had disappeared: "I was sensation so well, my heart was entire of pleasure." When she advised a standard guest about her spontaneous delivery of foodstuff to the Corona helpers, the donated - just as spontaneously - 150 euros for the up coming cooking marketing campaign.

"I worked as a health-related assistant for numerous several years," says Kalliopi Brandstäter, "I can imagine what this exceptional scenario indicates for the health care personnel." Until the "Kalliopeia" is authorized to open up once again, the passionate prepare dinner wants to continue donating her delicacies to the hospital : "And I also get my provider on board."

Aiding is in the blood of the difficult Greek: With her association “Förder- und Freundeskreis Elliniko” she has previously supported numerous social assignments in her property nation. (ste)

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Concentrate on the web campaign #CoronaCare: Germany aids by itself!

The corona pandemic restricts the daily lifestyle of people in Germany. Specifically for susceptible teams this kind of as seniors, everyday jobs are also associated with a threat of infection. Consequently solidarity is essential! Emphasis On the internet has as a result started out the marketing campaign "#CoronaCare: Germany helps by itself". Get concerned! Below you discover all info.

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